Krasinski joins Martin

John Krasinski's first attempt at breaking out of the popular Jim Halpert character from NBC's "The Office" wound up being LEATHERHEADS, a movie that didn't connect well with critics or audiences. But that's not stopping Krasinski in his bid to leave Halpert in the dust for a movie career. Krasinski has signed on to star alongside comedy gods Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin (and otherwise acting god Meryl Streep) in Nancy Meyers upcoming untitled comedy for Universal. In the film Krasinski would play the son of Streep and Baldwin, who have recently divorced. He's ready to start life with a baby, a wife and his new job. This inspires her to start dating again and she's swept off her feet by a new man (Martin). This, however, makes her ex-husband extremely jealous and he becomes smitten with her all over again.

Doesn't sound like the meatiest role for Krasinski but how could you possibly turn down the chance to work alongside Streep, Martin and Baldwin? I'd star in a remake of PAUL BLART: MALL COP if those guys were in it. Krasinski recently wrapped filming on AWAY WE GO, the Sam Mendes directed comedy about a couple looking for their first home. He also premiered his directorial debut BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN at Sundance.

Extra Tidbit: Krasinski went to high school with his "Office" co-star BJ Novak.
Source: Variety



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