Kreuk kicks as Chun Li

Exotic SMALLVILLE starlet (and longtime obsession) Kristin Kreuk is kicking her way out of that franchise... and into another one.

Kreuk is providing her exquisite lips and taut young frame and enchanting smile and eerily seductive eyes (oh right... the restraining order, sorry) to the lead role of Chun Li in the new STREET FIGHTER flick, based on the endless videogame series. The Fox movie comes from cinematographer turned director Andrjez Bartkowiak, who previously crushed another videogame adaptation with DOOM.

The script comes from omnipresent writer Justin Marks (HE-MAN, VOLTRON, and that GREEN ARROW prison movie) and follows combatant Chun Li and her "journey for justice", which will involve many freakish characters hitting each other. The new movie will ignore the 1994 Van Damme flick, the sad final work of Raul Julia.

Kreuk, who has barely flirted with feature work, continues to make her infatuated fans suffer through increasingly ridiculous and convoluted seasons of SMALLVILLE (although the presence of Erica Durance sure helps).
Extra Tidbit: Kreuk is of Dutch and Chinese descent, and has some background in martial arts. And is gorgeous.
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