Kristen Bell to play a mom? I feel old...

Kristen Bell is only about two years younger than me so it's distressing to hear that she's sequeing into that period of her career where she can believably play a mother. And a mother of a 10-year-old to boot. But that's precisely what she'll be playing in the upcoming black comedy DANCE OF THE MIRLITONS (soon to be getting a much-needed name change).

I've never seen an episode of "Toddlers & Tiaras" or "Little Miss Perfect" or any of those other awful stage mom TV shows but I imagine that's a little of what we'll be getting in this movie. Bell will play an overbearing mother to an overweight pre-teen girl who enrolls her in dance classes. The script, which has been floating around Hollywood since 2005, has been described as LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE meets MEAN GIRLS.

With Bell set as the mom, producers are currently looking for an unknown to star as the young daughter. Too bad it's not 1994, cause I'd totally suggest they give that Bee Girl a call. Filming on DANCE is expected to begin this winter. Bell can be seen next in the Disney comedy YOU AGAIN and the Christina Aguilera song/dance flick BURLESQUE.

Extra Tidbit: It's because I love Kristen Bell so that I will not say anything derogatory about Dax Shepard.
Source: THR



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