Kristen Stewart Jett

So I guess now that TWILIGHT has made over 120 million dollars, Kristen Stewart is officially a star, which means that we should probably tell you that she's been cast as Joan Jett in a movie based on and titled after the 70's girl group called THE RUNAWAYS. Gothic music video director Floria Sigismondi wrote the script and will direct the film, which should mean some interesting visual ideas at least.

The Runaways were before my time but were apparently very influential as the first all-girl rock band to be truly successful (I thought that title was held by The Backstreet Boys?!?). The film will focus on the storybook rise of the band as teenagers and their eventual by-the-book collapse into enstrangement and disillusionment. I guess I'm kinda interested because Kristen Stewart is stoopid hot, but from what I've been hearing she's kind of a brat. Wait, I like that. Nevermind.
Extra Tidbit: Has anyone seen those pics of Kristen Stewart smoking weed?
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