Kristin is Wild Cherry

Kristin Cavallari There's no use making sense of Kristin Cavallari's continued quasi-celebrity so let's just accept it and enjoy the fact that at some point, she'll be desperate enough to agree to be blatantly exploited on film or in a popular nudie mag. For now, however, she's still wallowing in teen fare. She, along with Rob Schneider, Tania Raymonde, Rumer Willis and Ryan Merriman, have joined the cast of the teen comedy WILD CHERRY. The plot revolves around teens and stuff and, you know what, here's an official blurb: "Schneider will play the father of a high school senior who's decided to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, the football's team kicker. But when she finds out the boyfriend's only interested in her for the sake of the team's "bang book," she and her best friends plan their revenge inspired by the Greek play "Lysistrata." Riiiiight. Production is expected to begin May 7th in Winnipeg under director Dana Lustig from a script by Chris Charney.

Extra Tidbit: Cavallari's attempt at reality TV hosting, "Get This Party Started", was canceled after two episodes.
Source: Variety



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