Kubrick HD boxset

A writer over at The Reeler recently had the chance to sit down and speak with Leon Vitali, Stanley Kubrick's assistant for a quarter of a century and found out, among many other Kubrickian nuggets, that a Kubrick HD boxset is in the works:

But, as you know, in high-definition there a whole color science that goes on. I'm sure a lot of DP's and directors who shoot film going into the digital intermediate or digital negative, they realize that it doesn't always translate right across. So you really have to get into it. But they did a really good job. I went in to look at the titles, which were 2001, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut, and A Clockwork Orange -- all we really needed to do was just place-to-place shift it a little bit. They looked really, really fine.

Kubrick has always been a visual director, so to have his films restored in High Defintion will most likely be a delectable treat for those of you who have the funds to shell out for this sucker, and of course the digs to watch it. Any fan of Kubrick, or of movies as an art form will want to check out the rest of the extensive interview HERE. No word yet on when the boxset will be released, but JoBlo.com will most certainly keep all y'all informed on its progression.

Extra Tidbit: Vitali was a producer on Todd Field's LITTLE CHILDREN. Field had a role in EYES WIDE SHUT.
Source: The Reeler



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