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Kull conquers again?


The pulpy creations of Robert E. Howard have been getting lots of recent attention -- SOLOMON KANE, a new CONAN and RED SONJA, even a theoretical THULSA DOOM movie. So it's not really a surprise that KULL THE CONQUEROR will get another chance at chopping up the big screen.

According to fantasy.fr (via Coming Soon), a new adapation of Kull is in the works from Paradox Entertainment, who purportedly holds the rights to all Howard's characters and is currently working on bringing CONAN back to life (despite the fact that they apparently still don't have a viable Arnie replacement).

Howard's pre-Conan warrior was an impulsive ax-wielding barbarian who seizes a foreign throne and then has to deal with treachery and serpent-men. Still, better than most morning commutes.

The swords-and-sorcery property was previously adapted to screen in 1997, with "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo as the mighty feathered-hair hero.

Extra Tidbit: Would anyone else rather see a remake of KRULL?



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