Kung Fu Angarano

Basically this is the gist, a new martial arts epic (written by John Fusco) is coming up featuring Jet Li (KISS OF THE DRAGON) and Jackie Chan (RUSH HOUR), who nowadays are pretty much as good as you can get when you're casting a kung fu movie. I know a lot of people like Tony Jaa, but I don't think he's anywhere near Jet Li's level yet.

Anyway, that said, the good news about this so far untitled movie ends about there. Because now I'm forced to talk about a) the plot, b) which actor just got cast in the film and c) my comments.

A) A troubled 17 year old wannabe kung fu warrior has his ass handed to him by a street gang and then is sent back in time to ancient China, where he has to see free the imprisoned Monkey King (Li).

B) Michael Angarano. Opposite these two titans of martial arts, we've got the kid who hides under the table in SKY HIGH. And this guy's supposed to save Jet Li.

C) I believe no comments are necessary.
Extra Tidbit: Angarano was actually one of the finalists to play Anakin Skywalker in that sci-fi film from a couple of years ago...



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