Kung Fu Panda 2 recruits some real ass-kickers with Van Damme and Yeoh

Alright, this news made me a laugh a little, even though I really did not like the original KUNG FU PANDA. Jean Claude Van Damme and Michelle Yeoh have been added to the cast, alongside Alias vet and famous “that guy” Victor Garber.

Van Damme and Garber will be voicing two new masters, Croc and Thundering Rhino, while Yeoh is “The Soothsayer” who is a goat. Because why not. A few days ago we heard Gary Oldman was on board as a Peacock, and I have a feeling Dreamworks isn’t’ done stuffing this cast yet.

And all of these guys are on top of the already huge celebrity cast of the film (Rogen, Jolie, Chan, Liu, Cross, Hoffman) who are presumably returning for the sequel in some capacity. I imagine they’ll have less lines than they even had in the first movie.

What's the new one all about?

"In the sequel, Po goes on an amazing personal journey and we are thrilled to have assembled such a talented and well-respected group of actors to bring to life our new characters, who – alongside our returning cast – play such a critical role in Po's quest and his ultimate triumph over the forces of evil," said Panda producer Melissa Cobb in the official statement.

How descriptive. To be fair, this is my favorite Jack Black role to date.

Extra Tidbit: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON really derailed my "always rag on Dreamworks animation" train.
Source: DreamworksEmpire



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