Kurt Russell is pissed

Kurt Russell is mad as hell as those damn paparazzi.  They've followed him around, snapped pictures of him while eating and bothered him while he tries to lead a semi-private life.  He understood that came as part of the territory of being a movie star but when they crossed the line and their hounding caused a near-tragedy, Kurt Russell wasn't going to take it sitting down anymore.  Now he's out for blood.  While that isn't a true story it is in fact the plot of Kurt Russell's next film PAPARAZZI which Mel Gibson is produced.  Kurt won't play Kurt but a similar successful movie star bent on revenge after a photographer almost causes another Lady Di-esque tragedy.  In fact we've already got some early reviews of the script.  Sean Penn says, "This is the greatest script I've ever read!  I found myself standing up and cheering for Kurt!"  Bjork echoed Penn's accolades by saying, "I vanted to yump for yoy!   Ze feel good movie of ze year!"

UPDATE - I've noticed that some other web sites have picked up on this but I have to clarify. The Sean Penn quote was just a joke. So was the Bjork quote. I thought it was obvious considering they're both notorious for beating up paparazzi and this is a film about a movie star beating up on paparazzi but I guess the joke misfired and some people took it serious. As far as I know Sean Penn has not read this script and even if he did, that's not a quote from him. Just a joke. Sorry for the misunderstanding...

Unfortunately, Kurt Russell still hasn't signed on for TANGO AND CASH 2

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