Kutcher does Dad's day

Ashton Kutcher, playing surrogate dad to the kids of girlfriend Demi Moore, will get to play a real dad in the upcoming comedy FATHER'S DAY. Columbia just bought the pitch from writers Ian Deitchman and Kristin Robinson for Kutcher to star in and produce. The film is described as a multi-generational comedy that would follow a young man dealing with his own father as well as becoming a father himself. Kutcher, oddly enough, has no real starring projects on his schedule. His last film was the Kevin Costner action flick THE GUARDIAN. None of the films he's starred in have particularly cleaned up at the box-office so hopefully he's spent this time reassessing how he picks his projects. This is the time when I'd normally talk about what an actor has coming up but Kutcher has nothing coming up. I guess I can say that Kutcher can be seen next just hanging around his house watching "Man vs. Wild" on Discovery. That's pretty much what I've been doing...

Extra Tidbit: Kutcher produced the short-lived NBC series "The Real Wedding Crashers."



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