Kutcher is a Dad!

Boy oh Boy it must be a slow news day. Here I am at 5 in the morning, struggling to find a story worthy of my intense literary prowess. Lo and behold, after all other options are exhausted, I decide to settle on--gasp!--Ashton Kutcher casting news!

Bear with me friends. Our beloved square-jawed instigator is set to star in LIKE FATHER, a movie about a father and son who never got along but coincidentally have baby sons at the same time and are forced to go through the fatherhood experience together. To be perfectly honest, anything with Demi Moore's husband in it immediately illicits a scoff or perhaps a guffaw from me, but this cloud does indeed have a silver lining. The film is apparently to be written by the director of YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, Kenneth Lonergan. Anyone who has seen the Laura Linney/Mark Ruffalo masterpiece should be interested in anything that director lays his hands on.

Who knows? Maybe there's hope for that dude who's boning that chick from STRIPTEASE yet?
Extra Tidbit: Ashton has a twin brother who is not quite as good looking. Ouch.
Source: Variety



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