Labeouf Not Indy

I was flying to San Francisco last week to visit my mistress, and on the plane I was presented with the option of watching INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL or the SEX AND THE CITY movie. I gave Indy a chance but was disenchanted within minutes. Meanwhile Carrie and crew had me weeping all the way to the Golden State. So it is with much indifference that I bring you this news, because like most of you I believe the Indy franchise has passed its prime. Nonetheless, Indiana himself, Harrison Ford has offcially laid to rest rumours that Shia LaBeouf will be assuming the titular role in the series' next installment.

No, that's never been (the idea)... I think it just doesn't work that way. And there's definitely a distinction between passing the fedora and someone picking it up.

Frankly I'm relieved. Shia as Indy? Or even the next incarnation of Indy? That's just um, pushing it.
Extra Tidbit: You liked the latest Indy, didn't you.
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