Ladies and germs, the new and improved MovieHotties.com 3.0!!!

As you may have noticed, the JoBlo Movie Network is kick-starting many of its sections these days, as we've continually done since our inception in 1998. Most recently, we added a massive posters section (click POSTERS on the menu above) called the PIMPIN' POSTER PALACE featuring over 13,000 high resolution posters from 1980 to 2011. A few weeks back, we upgraded our movie community called MOVIE FAN CENTRAL to include a ton of new features allowing our 100,000 daily visitors to interact more with one another, and post reviews, blogs, images, videos, top 10 lists and their DVD/Blu-Ray collections to their own profile -- kinda like Facebook, but for movie fans!

Our next big updates will involve the DVD CLINIC being upgraded to a more digital world with the new name THE DIGITAL DORM, while our UPCOMING MOVIES, TRAILERS and VIDEO sections will also be getting some much-needed revamps, jacking it all up to today's standards.

We currently house over 10,000 high resolution images of 260 hotties,
but we are adding new ones every day...

But for the purposes of today's article, it is the revamped MOVIEHOTTIES website that we wanted to let you all know about. The site originally started off as a blog, then was upgraded to a site within the JoBlo Movie Network, but now it's MovieHotties 3.0, complete with some of the best hottie PHOTO GALLERIES around the Net (without a zillion ads/pop-ups and sex stuff) featuring about 260 hotties right now, but with many more to come (we'll also be adding new pictures on a daily basis). The site is SFW and features NO NUDITY. Kinda like Maxim, but for movie fans!

You can now scroll through each gallery and rate each image...

The site also has longer headlines for its daily news updates now -- much like the recent JOBLO and AITH upgrades -- and features a STRIKE BACK section (DROOL BACK actually), a new right hand column strip featuring the latest videos, columns, photos and top headlines from the past day/week/month, as well as the same ol' HOTTIE OF THE WEEK, BOOBIES OF THE DAY and SEXY COLUMNS sections, all updated to look cooler and tighter (not to mention, the extremely popular HOTTIE VIDEOS section). Finally, we moved our "celebrity wallpapers & screensavers" section from the JoBlo.com website to MovieHotties, which seemed to make a whole more sense anyway. Enjoy!!

Over 20,000 celebrity wallpapers & screensavers in various sizes...



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