Lady Vengeance update

My man Dave Davis hit you guys up with the news that Charlize Theron was planning to produce and star in a remake of Park Chan-Wook's SYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCE and today there have been new developments. Apparently it was Park who gave her the idea in the first place! “He made an almost perfect film [but] he came to me and said he really wanted us to do this. He wanted to see that story told in an American society".

Does this make us feel a little better about it? Sure, why not. I wasn't as outraged as a lot of you were, but only because I'm kind of numb to these kinds of developments now, regardless of how blasphemous. And if the Hollywood machine is gonna claim one of Park's movies I'd definitely rather it was LADY VENGEANCE than OLDBOY. But knowing it is going along at Park's prompting is definitely comforting. Hopefully we'll get someone like Fincher to direct and not someone like Brett Ratner - that will be key. Either way it'll probably be a while before any of these developments take place, since the project is "still in the very, very early stages of development right now".
Extra Tidbit: What do we do? Pray the movie tanks and puts people off adaptating Park's stuff? Or hope it is awesome, but then have to put up with someone thinking he can do OLDBOY justice?
Source: MTV



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