Lance Armstrong writer

Gary Ross (SEABISCUIT) will write the script for the Lance Armstrong biopic. The film will tell the story of the improbable comeback Armstrong made from severe, life-threatening illness to bang all-star hotties Sheryl Crow, Ashley Olsen and Kate Hudson. There will probably also be a little in there about how he won seven consecutive Tour de France titles too, but I'm sure the focus will remain on a dude with one ball achieving the ultimate American Dream of scoring Hollywood A-list tail.

Jake Gyllenhaal expressed real interest in playing Armstrong at a time, and even spent time with the guy to prepare for the role, but in the end he decided against coming onboard. The latest name to have been bandied around is Matt Damon, but again, things are still at a very early stage. Probably once we have a completed script, and if it is SEABISCUIT, Oscar caliber, sure, Matt and I may very well throw our names into the hat.
Extra Tidbit: Armstrong's heart is 30 percent larger than average.
Source: RiskyBusiness



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