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Landis robs graves


Aside from TV work ("MASTERS OF HORROR", "FEAR ITSELF") and making lots of cameos (check his acting filmography), director John Landis hasn't been involved with the sort of horror that helped make him famous (namely AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON).

But he's getting back to that sort macabre humor with the fact-based BURKE AND HARE, an upcoming dark comedy about two 19th century graverobbers making cash from corpses. The movie will begin filming in London next year.

Though he's probably primarily known for comedies (BLUES BROTHERS, ANIMAL HOUSE, TRADING PLACES), Landis has other morbid material on the way, including GHOULISHLY YOURS, a biopic about EC Comics publisher William M. Gaines, and "a Western with Chinese vampires", which already sounds awesome. He was recently rumored as a replacement director on Universal's THE WOLF MAN (which features makeup from AMERICAN WEREWOLF's Rick Baker), but FX guru Joe Johnston filled the slot.

Extra Tidbit: AMERICAN WEREWOLF was my own selection for Halloween night viewing. Still phenomenal.
Source: Variety



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