Langella on Wall St. 2

Frank Langella has just signed on for a role in Oliver Stone's long-awaited sequel to WALL STREET. The film is officially called WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, and despite this title, will be hitting theaters as opposed to going straight to DVD as you might expect.

Awkward name aside, the movie is a full-fledged sequel, and with Langella coming on board, it’s got a pretty well-rounded cast to boot. Langella will play the mentor to Shia LaBeouf’s young broker character, and of course, Michael Douglas will be creeping around in the famous suspenders of Gordon Gekko once again. Josh Brolin is circling the project as well, but there's been no official word on his involvement yet.

It remains to be seen whether or not a WALL STREET sequel is indeed necessary or a good idea. Yes, it’s certainly relevant in our current state of economic peril, but in order to be effective, it should have some basis in reality. This may prove difficult as the original film had about as much to do with real-life stock and bond trading as STAR WARS had to do with NASA, but padding its cast with vets like Langella is certainly not a bad start.

Extra Tidbit: Did Mike Judge dress up Bill Lumbergh like Gordon Gekko on purpose?
Source: Variety



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