Lantern casting call

Photoshopped Reynolds as Lantern

Probably a little hard for studios to keep details of a high profile project under lid when you have to put out a casting call; kinda spoils what characters will populate the film. So if you don't wanna know about the villains and main squeeze of GREEN LANTERN, stop reading. Here's the latest Battle of the Babes instead.

The folks from Spoiler TV sniffed out a casting sheet for Warner's live-action Lantern film that reveals Ryan Reynolds will be facing two villains, confirming that nothing was learned from the SPIDER-MAN 3 debacle. First is Dr. Hector Hammond, who if memory serves is a scientist who gains wealth and power by exploiting the effects of a strange meteor, and then of course Sinestro, a Green Lantern that looks like John Waters who turns evil and becomes a Yellow Lantern. Insert bodily fluid jokes at will.

On the friends side will be Abin Sur, the Lantern who recruits Jordan (again, from memory), and main squeeze Carol Ferris who in the comics also becomes a supervillain. Forgot her name though. Help me out?

Although he's not included in the report, word around the water cooler also has original Lantern Alan Scott making an appearance. The film is scheduled for a production start in January with a Summer 2011 tentpole release.

Extra Tidbit: Would Hugo Weaving be too obvious a choice for Sinestro?
Source: Spoiler TV



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