Lara Croft returns?!

Could Lara Croft be heading back to the big screen in a new TOMB RAIDER adventure? Warner Bros. is developing a "reboot" (that popular new trend) of the franchise that originally starred Angelina Jolie as the bosomy action star. The original films were set up at Paramount but when WB bought Eidos, the game's creator, last year, they won the rights to any feature films. Though the basic concept of the film will stay the same - Lara Croft looks hot and kicks ass - the rest is expected to be entirely revamped. She'll have new villains, a new love interest and a new origin. WB has put the project out to writers so it's too soon to start speculating on who could take over for Jolie....but rampant speculation is what we do best! I like the idea of Anne Hathaway but I don't think she's gritty enough (but then again I didn't think Matt Damon was gritty enough for Jason Bourne). I think Emily Blunt would be a decent choice. What about you? If you were a casting director, what three names would you put on the table to star as Lara Croft?

Extra Tidbit: Jennifer Connelly?
Source: THR



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