Larry David returning to his New York roots with Curb Your Enthusiasm's 8th season

After what's now been seven seasons of tremendous work from Larry David and his comedy CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM while being a denizen of the City of Angels, the experimental HBO series will now be taking its eighth (and presumably last) season back to Mr. David's original digs: New York City.

The show's vulgar dynamo Susie Essman (wife of character "Jeff" played by Jeff Garlin) let slip that the series would be going back to her hometown. Per the NYP: "I just know we're shooting a bunch in New York. That makes me really happy. [The other actors] all live in LA. And for seven seasons, I've been schlepping out there. Now I get to sleep in my own bed. Let them stay in hotels." Apparently, HBO officials have confirmed that the show will be shooting "a majority" of its ten episodes in the Big Apple.

No information about the content of the new season is given, but New York Magazine's Vulture blog points out in a report back in March that there could be a plot involving Larry's beloved Toyota Prius and the somewhat recent problems that Toyota's been experiencing (i.e. their cars will kill you). I'll also speculate and assume they'll be bringing back J.B. Smoove who plays fan favorite "Leon Black". Why? Here's why (NSFW for language).
Extra Tidbit: Totally dug Season 7, but I don't think David will ever top Season 6 with The Blacks.



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