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Larter is Obsessed


Ali Larter is gonna be in a thriller called OBSESSED. The official site has just been launched and you can check it out over HERE. If you're hot for this chick then it might excite you to know that you can upload your picture and have her pretend she's in love with you and accordinly yammer on about all the things you're gonna do together.

In OBSESSED, a man's idyllic family life is threatened when an intern (Larter) develops an unrequited, disturbing, romantic obssession with him. Idris Elba plays the man and Beyonce, his wife. And here is a complete list of things that make movies like this unreal:

1. Larter is smoking hot. Like hell the boss wouldn't tap that.

Cast Kathy Griffin or something and then we'll talk.
Extra Tidbit: "I hate pretty-looking boys. I'd rather have a guy with a potbelly than one who's in the gym all the time and watches what he eats." - Larter.
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