Latest Beowulf trailer!

I have to say I haven't been super-impressed with everything I've seen on BEOWULF so far. Granted I didn't get to see the 10-minutes of footage in 3-D at Comic-Con but the trailers haven't done much for me (besides the obvious ogling at Angelina Jolie's animated boobs). Today though we get our best trailer yet. It streamlines the story into man vs. monster and sells Beowulf as more of a King Leonidas type badass. Not sure I love the industrial rock in the background but it works for what the trailer is. I'm really curious to see how BEOWULF performs at the box-office and what that means for the future of mo-cap technology. Sure it's great for kids films like POLAR EXPRESS and MONSTER HOUSE but what can it mean for the future of adult movies? Could it work for a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie? Check out the new trailer at Apple's site in high-def (it's marked "Trailer #2") then come back and share your thoughts via the Strike Backs.

Extra Tidbit: Roger Avary was initially set to direct this film when it was set up at DreamWorks.
Source: Apple



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