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If you haven't picked up the latest edition of Wizard magazine with Tobey Maguire sporting his ultra-cool black Spider-Man costume on the cover, do yourself a favor and swing by your local comic book store and pick it up today as it features an excellent rundown of everything in comic book movies for the coming year, particularly SPIDER-MAN 3, which takes up about half of the magazine featuring interviews with pretty much everyone in the cast. Some other major players also get interviewed in the mag including Guillermo del Toro, Todd McFarlane, Eva Mendes, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Zack Snyder, Zak Penn, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Lacey Chabert, Ali Larter and many others. They've even put together a comprehensive listing featuring the latest on over 100 of the hottest Hollywood comic book-related projects. I've tried to post a few tidbits on some of them below, but seriously, pick yourself up an issue for better coverage, or CLICK HERE to buy it. Excellent work, guys!


Creator Todd McFarlane is writing the screenplay for the sequel as we speak, and once done, will likely self-fund and direct it himself. He's also wants to go for an R rating, and says that except for Spawn himself, everything else in the film will be real (like the first GRUDGE movie).


When asked about her character in GHOST RIDER, Mendes said: "When I was reading the comic, I could see that Roxanne was very, very voluptuous, so I actually gained some more weight for the role -- I just let myself eat more Krispy Kremes. [laughs] So I gained weight, and I'm actually quite voluptuous in the movie. I wanted to give the comic book fans a little bit of her in that way, because she does have a nice rack and I tried to get mine up there. So I tried to give you guys something extra. I hope that you're happy." Eva, we be VERY happy! Now that's an actress!!!


Screenwriter Zak Penn says that he's about halfway through writing the screenplay for this sequel and that he will NOT be ignoring the first film in his draft. He says, "Bruce Banner is in a similar position in terms of where he was left in the first film..." and "So it doesn't really require us ignoring the first movie, but that said, there's a lot of stuff in the first movie that I'm not even going to touch on because I don't see any need to and I don't think that it's going to help us. But that said, we're not going to contradict it either. We're not going to write a new origin."


Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura said this about the highly anticipated live-action G.I. JOE movie: "I think we finally found a way into it. The guys making the decisions about whether to make a movie or not think Cobra and other aspects of the property are incredibly cartoonish. Their fear is that you would end up with a SUPER MARIO BROS. I understand that actually, because watching it, Cobra Commander has that funky mask thing, which cracks me up. I think it's goofy, but I think the idea of a guy named Cobra is really legitimate. So it's been an interesting process to get that thing off the ground, but we're about to start a script shortly. That could be an exciting one coming down the pike." Indeed.


Again, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura chimed in with his thoughts on a possible sequel to the Keanu Reeves fantastical thriller. When asked about the chances of making a sequel, he said: "Maybe. Yeah, we've definitely explored it. Keanu definitely loves the character. There is a cost-benefit analysis that Warner Brothers has been applying to it that we're trying to satisfy, and we're exploring a harder-edged version of it. You know, there's an assumption right now that there's not a big enough audience for an R-rated movie. I happen to disagree. Unfortunately, empirically I'm in the minority, and there is a lot of support for other people's position on that." Not online, my friend, you've definitely got the backing of us movie-nerds on JoBlo.com for an R-rated sequel. Very cool!


Writer/director awesome-dude Guillermo del Toro explained some of what we can expect in HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY: "We see a lot more of the old world, and some fairy-tale elements here again. The fantastical world is dying, and it rebels against the human world. Hellboy has to stop an invasion before the human world is conquered and destroyed. And, like in the comics, this movie makes Hellboy a public figure. Everybody from the first movie will be back. The only one who will be conspicuously absent is Agent John Myers." Nice, I wasn't too crazy about that character in the first place.

Source: Wizard Magazine



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