Latest updates to script archive include Titans, Hot Tub and Repo Men!

It's a big day for scripts in the JoBlo.com network today! The boys at Arrow in the Head debuted an exclusive look at the script for THE LOST BOYS 2. Now before you say, "Why would I want to read a script for that piece of crap movie?," I should let you know that this isn't the script for LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE. This is the real script that Joel Schumacher developed with writer Eric Red that was something of a prequel to the original film (it showed how the Lost Boys became the Lost Boys). Sadly the project never got off the ground and the script itself has been almost impossible to track down - until now!

In addition to that, we've updated the JoBlo MOVIE SCRIPTS archives with some brand new additions. New to the archives include CLASH OF THE TITANS, GREEN ZONE, GREENBERG, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, REMEMBER ME, REPO MEN and SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE.

Also, if you're a rookie screenwriter yourself, there's no better place to discuss your screenplays and any questions you may have about screenwriting in general, then our SCREENWRITING/FILMMAKING forum. That forum has always been one of our most popular ones, and known to have a few "actual" Hollywood screenwriters lurking and posting about. Check it out, if that interests you.

Thanks to SimplyScripts and The Script Collector for the help.

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