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Lauren Bacall has died at 89


Oscar-winning actress Lauren Bacall, one of the leading ladies in the Golden Age of Hollywood, has died. TMZ reported the news and cited family members as its source who said she had a massive stroke Tuesday morning at her home. The Humphrey Bogart has since estate tweeted: “With deep sorrow, yet with great gratitude for her amazing life, we confirm the passing of Lauren Bacall.”

Bacall is best known for her roles in KEY LARGO, THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES, DESIGNING WOMAN, and TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT. She was married to Humphrey Bogart from 1945 until his death in 1957. She later married Jason Robards in 1961 before getting a divorce in 1998. She leaves behind three children.

She was definitely one of the greats in my house growing up; I can’t even begin to count the amount of times KEY LARGO played for us. Bogart and Becall’s pictures were even scattered throughout our house so much so that I thought they were my grandparents! Let us know if you were fortunate enough to have a favorite Becall role in the comments below.

Our thoughts go out to Becall’s friends and family.

Source: TMZ



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