Lautner as Steel?

No, I'm not talking about a remake of the absolutely amazing Shaquille O’Neal movie, rather, Taylor Lautner's name is being tossed around for the part of MAX STEEL, in the poorly conceived Mattel movie project. From what I can gather via Google Image searching, Max Steel is like G.I. Joe meets Nick Fury meets someone who should never have a movie made about them.

Yes, Lautner is currently built like an action figure due to his NEW MOON diet of steak and pieces of airplane scrap metal, but I think the kid has talent and really deserves a better next project than this. Thankfully this is just talk at this point, and nothing is for sure, but I can’t imagine anything close to a good movie ever coming out of this.

Upon further research, I found that Max Steel also had its own CGI-animated show back in 2000 which you can watch part of here. It's like watching a really long cutscene from the original "Syphon Filter" on Playstation One. His real name is Josh McGrath and he’s an extreme sports athlete turned super spy? Why not just call this XXX JR.?

Extra Tidbit: How the hell are you SEVENTEEN?
Source: LA Times



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