Lautner kicks ass

DIE HARD might be one of the few perfect action movies (at least in my eyes) so any time a modern day movie tries to evoke the DIE HARD name, I immediately bristle. Especially when that modern day movie would star a TWILIGHT actor who wasn't even alive when DIE HARD hit theaters. Taylor Lautner is set to star in and produce an untitled action project for Summit Entertainment that is being described as DIE HARD meets TAKEN for teenagers.

In the film, Lautner would star as a college kid partying with his friends on spring break in Cancun. When his buddies get kidnapped and held for ransom, Lautner goes all John McClane on the bad guys to get them back. Eric Champnella and Grant Thompson wrote the script and Lautner immediately sparked to it. Lautner is even producing the film with his father, which sounds like a recipe for disaster (isn't that what eventually did in Macauley Culkin?). Summit is hoping they can get filming on this project underway by June.

Extra Tidbit: "HO-HO-HO"
Source: Variety



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