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Lautner Vision Quest?


Looks like another role for Team Jacob.

E! Online reports that Taylor Lautner, better known as Jacob Black from TWILIGHT, may have scored a part in the remake of 1985's VISION QUEST.

The original QUEST starred Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino. It was a coming of age film about a high school wrestler who wants to be more than just a average athlete. Without much help from his Dad or coach, he decides to continue for his dream anyway. Luckily for him and his hormones, Dad rents a room to a young female drifter. This lowly drifter motivates the wrestler and keeps him on the right path.

Honestly, I don't remember anything about this film. It's not anything I'd be interested in seeing, but the teen girls will be all over it. Lautner is getting parts left and right, and I mean that in the least sexual way possible. Of course, if there's wrestling involved that also means he'll take his shirt off. Although, Lautner did swear a couple of months ago that he would never reveal his sixteen pack again.

After giving that statement, fourteen year old girls everywhere wept.

Extra Tidbit: I rented CUTTHROAT ISLAND in 1995 because I thought Cary Elwes was in it. Nope. It was Matthew Modine. Oops.
Source: E! Online



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