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Law Abiding sheet


So some of you weren't exactly convinced that F. Gary Gray was a great director, but you were hopeful about his next film LAW ABIDING CITIZEN.

The trailer shows the bad side of Jamie Foxx and the rightfully vengeful side of Gerard Butler. Now the one sheet for the film isn't that bad but it's loads better than the poster I saw for TAKERS today.

Accompanying this is a still from the movie. While it isn't too exciting either, it's nice to imagine what could potentially happen: Butler sits there listening to Foxx wax poetic on how you can't take the law into your own hands and then...BAM! whoops his ass right there! Okay, I'm going to stop before I take this too far and let you get a look for yourselves.

Extra Tidbit: I really enjoyed one of Gray's earlier films SET IT OFF, and of course FRIDAY.
Source: Overture Films



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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