Learn about the real Dibbuk Box and the demons of Judaism featured in The Possession

When it comes to horror movies, the demonic focus usually aims towards Christian ideology or pagan symbols. The world of Jewish mysticism is vastly untapped. Aside from THE UNBORN featuring Gary Oldman as the most badass Rabbi ever (and Odette Yustman in her panties), you don't generally fear us Jews.

Well, Sam Raimi has produced a film that will show you that the Hebrew speaking amongst you can bring the demonology with the best of 'em. He even enlisted the reggae-rapping Orthodox Jew Matisyahu to play the exorcist role in THE POSSESSION. Hell yeah.

This new featurette explores the Dibbuk Box that starts the horrific events featured in THE POSSESSION. Matisyahu and other experts discuss the box and what evil it may contain. Even if you cry bullshit, it is definitely an intriguing story.

THE POSSESSION is based on an LA Times article about the real Dibbuk Box. You can read that full story online and scare yourself shitless.

THE POSSESSION was directed by Ole Bordenal and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgewick, and Matisyahu. It opens in theaters on August 31st.

Source: Hulu



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