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Learn about the sets of Skyfall from a guy in a beret in this 007 videoblog


This new 007 videoblog probably won't change your life or amp you up to any degree, but it is an interesting peak into the production design process, a task which often goes overlooked in most films.  Dennis Gassner, aka guy in beret, is the production designer for SKYFALL, the latest James Bond adventure, who is charged with the complex task of turning the written word into a living, breathing world.

Put your artist cap on:

The Bond films have always been very much about location, so it's definitely not a throwaway process in selecting and building the sets to match the globe-trotting adventures of our favorite British spy.  The atmosphere and setting are every bit a part of the character in each film and it looks like SKYFALL isn't straying from that formula. 

SKYFALL opens on November 9, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Bond setting?
Source: 007.com



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