Learn Na'vi with a free online dictionary

Na'vi has gone and replaced Klingon as the sci-fi nerd language of choice, thanks to the fact that James Cameron actually worked with USC linguistics professor Paul Frommer to create a fully functional language for the film.

Someone out there decided it was time to recognize that genius, and compiled a Na'vi dictionary for Avatards to learn and study from online. I’m not sure who took the time to compile this thing, but it’s pretty damn exhaustive, and you’ll be learning how to say, “I want to plug your braid” in no time to all the Na’vi ladies. I would avoid using anything you read there on actual ladies however.

Below I’ve posted a sample of what you’ll find inside. How the hell do you make something like this? It's amazing, but it’s definitely uber-nerdiest thing I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

Extra Tidbit: I say make them goddamn blue monkeys speak ENGLISH. Why should I have to learn THEIR jibber jabber?
Source: LearnNavi



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