Leatherface next horror villain to get a 3D chapter

SAW is mercifully drawing to a close at last (at least we think so), and so Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures are moving onto other things, and as they've recently acquired the rights to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, we will be seeing Leatherface return to the screen. In 3D, of course.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the script is actually called LEATHERFACE 3D, as presumably the TEXAS CHAINSAW title was too long for today's ADD audiences, and is not another reboot (thank god). Rather, the script from Deborah Sullivan and Adam Marcus flashforwards 35 years from the original, and is said to have something to do with a cult. Spooky!

I mean, this is combining two of my least favorite things, 3D and unnecessary horror sequels, so I can't pretend I'm all that enthused for it. Maybe they could craft some cool mythology around Leatherface and his wacky family, but I doubt it's going to be our next nine part SAW franchise. That honor CLEARLY is going to go to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, which will undoubtedly release a new $11,000 budgeted film every year until kingdom come now.

Extra Tidbit: When are studios going to stop making "3D" an official part of the title?



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