Ledger, Penn do Life

Heath Ledger and Sean Penn have signed on to star TREE OF LIFE for writer-director Terrence Malick. Though the project has been floating around Hollywood since 2005, little is known about the plot other than it is a "complex drama." Ohhh, thanks for clearing that up. I thought Heath Ledger, Sean Penn and Terrence Malick were going to team up for a screwball comedy. The film would reunite Penn and Malick who worked together on THE THIN RED LINE. There's still one major role left to cast - that of a female lead that would star alongside Ledger (Penn's is apparently considered a supporting role). Considering there was 20 years in between DAYS OF HEAVEN and THIN RED LINE, then only 7 years between THIN RED LINE and THE NEW WORLD, can we expect more frequent works from Malick? I guess we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves and just hope that TREE OF LIFE gets to production (the last "tree of life" movie - THE FOUNTAIN - didn't exactly make a killing at the box-office). Filming is expected to begin in March after Penn wraps the untitled Harvey Milk biopic for Gus Van Sant.

Extra Tidbit: Malick wrote the script that is the basis of Steven Soderbergh's upcoming Che Guevera biopic.



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