Lee, Costner join Company

The days of Kevin Costner making porous movie choices seem to be behind him. Costner and the always solid Tommy Lee Jones will join Ben Affleck--another actor on the upswing--in THE COMPANY MEN, an independently financed drama about the impact that a corporate downsizing has on its casualties and survivors. Costner and Jones previously appeared in Oliver Stone's JFK together.

John Wells--the executive producer of "ER" wrote and will direct the film, which sees Jones play a morally inclined senior partner in the downsized firm who struggles with the greedy actions of his dubious partners; Affleck as a corporate bigwig whose luxury car and six-figure salary vanish after he gets laid off; and Costner as his brother-in-law, a humble drywall installer who gives Affleck's character a construction job.

The trio of Oscar winners make for an interesting ensemble and the film's subject matter is timely to say the least. I'm glad that Costner and Affleck have found new life in their careers, which at one point seemed all but extinguished. As for Tommy Lee Jones--he was, and always will be the man.
Extra Tidbit: Which one of the three actors would win in a death match in which they all fought wearing nothing but ski boots and sombreros?
Source: Variety



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