Lee plays Larry King

Stan Lee One of the most important parts of any Marvel adapted film is the Stan Lee cameo. Lee did, after all, along with Jack Kirby, create just about all of the classic Marvel superheroes. In most, he plays himself as a passerby or wedding crasher but in one or two, he plays an actual character like a lowly security guard. In the upcoming IRON MAN 2, it seems he's taking things up a notch by playing, according to the cool peeps at "Collider", none other than immortal talk show host Larry King. He'll apparently be asking Tony Stark, as the suspender enamored King, when he'll appear on King's show. Is he setting a new standard for his cameos? Will he be wielding a hammer in THOR? Or shooting the enemy in CAPTAIN AMERICA? Who knows but, in the interim, check him out as Larry King on May 7th of next year.

Extra Tidbit: Lee is 87 years old and still going strong.
Source: Collider



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