Legally Blonde 3. Yep

I like to pride myself on going out with intellectual chicks, but even so, I have yet to go out with one that does not LOVE both LEGALLY BLONDE films. So even though this sounds like a shitty story, I'm gonna report it because I'm well aware of the underground following of Elle Woods. I'm on to you guys. And here's what you've been waiting for:

Savage Steve Holland (BETTER OFF DEAD) said, "It’s called Legally Blondes. I’m not sure how much I can say about it as I just got the call. But it’s very sweet and funny. Beloved director Sean Macnamara was supposed to direct this project. He had too much on his plate as a show-runner/producer. His company Brookwell/Macnamara basically produces EVERYTHING else that’s being made in this town. So he will PRODUCE LB3! So I got hired to direct. I think it’s because I kinda look like Sean. We’re both incredibly handsome, beefy, bushy haired surfer types. Sean’s just more talented. But at least I’m bloated."

I'm fairly certain Reese Witherspoon won't be back. But there's just so much quality about these films I'm sure it'll be good regardless. Either way, since Luke Wilson seems to be appearing in whatever film gets put in front of him, I'm sure he's back.
Extra Tidbit: Witherspoon wore 40 different hairstyles in LEGALLY BLONDE.
Source: Collider



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