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Lego Batman releases funny character interviews


You know, I might be warming up to THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. I was pretty dead set against it before, as it seemed like I was having Bat-fatigue, but the last few promos have been pretty funny. This latest one involves the characters of Batman, Alfred, Barbara Gordon, and The Joker giving interviews for the film. Let's take a look:

Well, these interviews confirm a few things that were suspected, like that this will be the Dick Grayson version of Robin, and that Barbara Gordon is indeed the new Gotham commissioner. It also has some nice lines (Joker's "criminal mastermind-slash-improv comedy genius" was funny), so I might actually see this in theater if the reviews are good enough.

But what about you Schmoes? You feeling LEGO BATMAN? Why or why not, sound off below (and remember to show your work!)

LEGO BATMAN will drop into theaters February 10th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Jim Gordon dead, or just retired in this universe?
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