Len Wiseman to direct supernatural military thriller Black Chapter

Len Wiseman may have gained some notoriety for directing LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD and TOTAL RECALL, but he continues to land plum projects in Hollywood. Visually, he is very talented but his scripts often leave something to be desired. His next project looks to be the paranormal action thriller BLACK CHAPTER which will team him with a screenwriter of some merit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wiseman will team with Zak Penn on the film. Penn wrote X2, THE INCREDIBLE HULK and has a story credit on THE AVENGERS along with also scripting ELEKTRA and X-MEN: THE LAST STAND. BLACK CHAPTER will follow similar territory for the two as it examines superhumans, but not heroes.

Black Chapter centers on an FBI agent who is drawn into a classified military program that trains its operatives to use paranormal abilities.

Described as a merging of supernatural and spy genres, BLACK CHAPTER is being produced by Skydance Productions, so it likely is not going to get shorted in the budgetary department. Without much other detail to go on, this sounds like a really cool concept. The execution will make all the difference between this being a quality film or another UNDERWORLD retread.

BLACK CHAPTER has no release date or further details, but expect to hear more soon.



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