Len Wiseman's Shrapnel

Len Wiseman, otherwise known as the lucky SOB that's banging Kate Beckinsale, is developing and directing a film adaptation of the graphic novel "Shrapnel" for Radical Pictures. The graphic novel explores a future where humans have colonized the solar system and formed a Solar Alliance to govern the planets. The story itself revolves around Venus, the last of the planetary holdouts, and a self-exiled ex-Marine who teaches the colonists how to fight back. Wiseman is "really drawn to the reluctant-hero story", and likens the lead character in "Shrapnel" to LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD'S John McClane, which happens to be the last film that Wiseman directed. Although Wiseman hasn't directed many films (I'd have trouble getting out of bed too, if Beckinsale was beside me nude) he has MOTORCADE, ATLANTIS RISING, and the live action adaptation of "Gears Of War" on the horizon. When this "Shrapnel" thing will fully materialize only god knows, but it looks like Beckinsale will have a lot of alone time on the horizon. That reminds me, I have to go brush my teeth.
Extra Tidbit: If you thought I was going to post a picture of "Shrapnel" you must be out of your mind.
Source: THR



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