Lennon Biopic Set

I've always wanted to be a rock star, but unfortunately musical talent, stage presence and overall confidence continue to elude me. To be a rock star you have to assume a god-like presence, inspire millions and probably perhaps carry a tune or two. It's the stuff tailor-made for the big screen, as demonstrated by the success and subsequent cult statuses of the Ray, Johnny and Jim biopics that have graced our cinemas over the years. It's curious then, that the most celebrated and legendary of all rock stars, that guy who wrote that song about a Yellow Submarine, has not yet received the proper Hollywood treatment.

Thankfully, U.K. production house Ecosse Films has enlisted visual artist Sam Taylor-Wood to direct, and CONTROL screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh to write a film called NOWHERE BOY, about the early childhood and subsequent journey to icon status of one John Lennon. That's right. The life and times of our favorite Beatle (sorry Ringo) is finally coming to a theatre near you. The daunting task of casting the most mythical man in music history is currently underway.
Extra Tidbit: This story obviously begs the question: Who should play John Lennon?
Source: The H. Reporter



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