Leo DiCaprio takes no Prisoners

Back when Warner Bros. released their 2010 preview, already listed with an October release date was the thriller PRISONERS. This was despite no cast and no official greenlight. All it had was a hot script, courtesy of Aaron Guzikowski, and a director in Antoine Fuqua (BROOKLYN'S FINEST). But now things are changing following the interest of Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio had an opening in his schedule and was interested in starring in the film but was not really interested in working with Fuqua. The actor has only worked with five directors - Martin Scorsese, Chris Nolan, Ridley Scott, Sam Mendes and Ed Zwick - in the past eight years, so he's got particular taste in who he works with. Now the word is Fuqua is off the project while Warner Bros. works to find an available director that's approved by DiCaprio.

What this means for the movie is that it will likely no longer be hitting theaters in 2010. DiCaprio, who has INCEPTION due this summer, is expected to film another project before taking on PRISONERS. Whether that's his Viking movie, an adaptation of the book "Blink" or a remake of DUMB AND DUMBER that I just made up in my head, remains unclear.

For his part, Fuqua may turn his attention to his Pablo Escobar biopic that he's been attached to.

Extra Tidbit: This script is supposedly floating around online. Has anybody seen it?
Source: Deadline



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