Leo goes Hollywood

If someone were to give me the option to plot and cast my ideal movie, then hire a director to shoot it, it might go a little something like this: Leonardo Dicaprio stars in a murder mystery noir as a private eye hired by a major studio in 1930s Hollywood to investigate whether or not a starlet murdered her husband, and to keep the whole thing hush hush. Then I’d choose Michael Mann to oversee the whole thing, and a prestigious writer like John Logan (THE AVIATOR) to write it.

So you can imagine my surprise when while perusing the internet, I came across a Variety report stating that this exact movie is in the works. Emotions that passed through me: shock, rage, envy, and finally pure joy. Because ladies and gentlemen, it’s true. Mann has been working on the script with Logan for a while now as a starring vehicle for Leo and it looks like the wheels are finally in motion. The project is already being shopped around to studios with New Line already making a bid for it.

The movie will take place on the MGM lot with a supposed shootout happening at the famous Trocadero nightclub on Sunset Blvd. We can also expect cameos from Golden Age Hollywood staples like Judy Garland and Bugsy Siegel. Dicaprio is hot right now, and although Mann’s MIAMI HEAT underwhelmed, he’s still one of the most exciting directors working in the biz today. Dicaprio has the Sam Mendes-directed REVOLUTIONARY ROAD with Kate Winslet on tap, and after THE DEPARTED and BLOOD DIAMOND, I’ll see this kid in anything.

Extra Tidbit: DiCaprio once sued Playgirl to stop them from publishing nude images of him in 1998. Damn.
Source: Variety



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