Leo king of Pain

Leonardo DiCaprio is working with his old DEPARTED friends to remake another Hong Kong crime drama. The actor is developing a remake of SEUNG SING (CONFESSIONS OF PAIN) for Warner Bros. with DEPARTED Oscar winner William Monahan writing the script. The film, directed by Andrew Lau whose INFERNAL AFFAIRS was the basis for THE DEPARTED, follows a cop and a private investigator who team up to find the killer of the cop's father-in-law. Mystery, twists, suspense and the such all follow. DiCaprio would produce the film at WB with Vertigo, yes, also of THE DEPARTED fame. Are you getting a feeling here that Warner Bros. execs, high off Oscar success, are shouting down from the mountaintops, "Get me more movies like THE DEPARTED!!" Monahan will first write THE LONG PLAY for Martin Scorsese before working on CONFESSIONS. DiCaprio hasn't yet decided on his next project but it would seem that this would be too far away. He's got BLINK and THE CHANCELLOR MANUSCRIPT as possibilities on his schedule.



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