Leo talks Akira

Leonardo DiCaprio When news broke that Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production company had picked up the rights to anime classics "Akira" and "Ninja Scroll", the internets was aflame with excitement that DiCaprio might slap on his best biker gear to star in the feature adaptation of "Akira". However, "Splash Page" recently spoke to DiCaprio and after confirming that he is indeed in active development on both projects - for "Akira", specifically, he's just waiting on the final draft of the script before heading into production - he mentioned that he has no plans to star in either film. His exact words, in fact, when asked if he had any interest in acting in either one, were "No, not really." So there you go people, DiCaprio won't be part of the pill popping biker gang who become embroiled in a government conspiracy nor will he be wielding a samurai sword to stop an old foe from overthrowing the Japanese government.

Extra Tidbit: So who would you guys like to see in lead roles in AKIRA and NINJA SCROLL?
Source: Splash Page



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