Leonardo DiCaprio talks Inception's complex plot structure

With INCEPTION currently most people's #1 most anticipated for the year, any new bit of knowledge about the film is worth reporting on. Leo DiCaprio recently talked to Empire about SHUTTER ISLAND, and he had a little bit to say when they questioned him about INCEPTION.

"It is complicated. It's a complicated story-structure, but it's sprung from the great filmmaker Christopher Nolan's mind, and he's been able to take highly complex jigsaw puzzles in a narrative and put them together like we've never seen."

"This is a plot-structure that's working on multiple layers simultaneously - and quite literally when I say simultaneously, I do mean multiple narratives simultaneously. So everyone's going to be in for a treat when they see it, including me."

Nolan has long been known for his unusual plot structures (the most notable of which you’ll remember in MEMENTO), so I’m incredibly curious to figure out just what the hell Leo means by “literal” simultaneous layers. This has to be a level past “things all happening at the same time,” but I really have no idea how to interpret that.

Watch Leo say it on video here, and see if you can pick up any clues from his facial expressions.

Extra Tidbit: It is one of my worst pet peeves when people list "MOMENTO" as one of their favorite movies on Facebook.
Source: Empire



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