Leo's Conspiracy

In spite of the rather unconvincing chin scruff, Leonardo DiCaprio clearly wants to be taken seriously as an actor (BASKETBALL DIARIES was enough of a persuader for me, but plenty of people still seem to just think of him as “that scrawny git from TITANIC”). It seems like he wants to get his fists on something with the approach and impact of THE INSIDER to really drive the point home, so the corporate scandal of Enron is now on his slate (or Blackberry, is as apparently the modern equivalent).

Leo plans to produce and star in CONSPIRACY OF FOOLS for Warner Bros., based on the book by Kurt Eichenwald and adapted by screenwriter Sheldon Turner (THE LONGEST YARD). The story will follow Leo as a new employee at the billion-dollar-per-year energy firm, where he slowly discovers the greed and fraud that would ultimately cause the notorious company to sink like a huge boat that struck a solid object, or something.

Extra Tidbit: DiCaprio was a favorite to play Peter Parker way back when James Cameron was developing SPIDER-MAN.
Source: Variety



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