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Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd's friends discuss sex in handicap bathrooms in this deleted scene from This is 40


Even if you haven't had a chance to catch Judd Apatow's sort of sequel, THIS IS 40, you can still enjoy this deleted scene from the film.

In this clip that had to hit the cutting room floor, Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) are having dinner with their friends, Barry (Robert Smigel) and Barb (Annie Mumolo). The conversation starts innocently enough when the couples share their plans on how they could be happier together. The friends then take over and just spiral quickly downward into an interesting conversation that might be a little too much. There's also a funny interaction between the kids of the couples.

It's definitely worth your time.

Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, and This Is 40">This Is 40 - Deleted Scene from Paul Rudd
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Source: Funny or Die



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