Less sequels in '08

Snakes on a Plane 2 In a year where an exorbitant amount of big budget sequels helped propel the box office to a record 9.6 billion dollars, it's hard to believe Hollywood would be producing less sequels in the coming year. You'd think studios would start churning out sequels at a geometric rate given how successful they proved to be last year. However, according to USA Today, only 16 sequels are scheduled for theatrical release in 2008 when previous years have averaged just about 25. Is Hollywood actually attempting to rely on thought-provoking, original films to drive its box office? Of course not, you silly bean. They're relying on new big budget franchises that'll produce sequels in the coming years, animation and, of course, your standard, blow-shit-up extravaganzas - the kind that can be delivered in all their magnificent detonation glory no better than when crafted ever so beautifully by an explosion necromancer such as Michael Bay.

Extra Tidbit: Why aren't we getting a SNAKES ON A PLANE sequel, yo?
Source: USA Today



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